Still Alive

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The doctor couldn't test me for Lyme because it seems I've caught some sort of stomach virus; I've been sick since Saturday.  The tests for E Coli and Salmonella came back negative (I knew they would- Randy isn't sick) so it isn't that.  I think I'm suffering more from mild dehydration at this point than from the actual virus itself.  I tried going to work for a bit on Tuesday, but only lasted 20 minutes before my boss sent me home.  It seems this stomach bug has been going around, and someone has been hospitalized after collapsing from dehydration.  No worries, I'm nowhere near there.  But I do feel tired, weak and apathetic, as well as still having some of the viral symptoms.  I haven't really been able to eat much this week, but I'm trying.

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm still breathing at least.


Poor you! Feel better soon.

I really hope you finally start to feel better! Just take it easy and don't force yourself to eat, but do try to push fluids....sorry, I had to be the nurse for a moment;) I'm sending you good thoughts...

It's not easy, but keep the glass of water close at hand. It's too easy to get dehydrated even while sipping. Feel better soon.

Breathing is good. Keep breathing.

Hope you get well soon Aravis. Take care of yourself.

breathe in...breathe out....

Feel better soon.

Hugs on your way....

I hope you are feeling better! It's nice to read your posts here at home.

Feel better soon!

Oh - poor you! I hope you feel better soon! Rest, drink your water, and just concentrate on feeling better. xxx - carla

how are you doing?

I hope you get to feeling better!!!!!!!!!!

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